Which of the following Is Not the Consequence of Non Registration of a Partnership Firm Mcq

F.16: If a Partner intentionally or persistently violates agreements relating to the management of the Company`s affairs or the conduct of its business, or otherwise behaves in matters relating to the Company in such a way that it is not reasonably possible for the other Partners to continue the activities in partnership with it. Other partners can: I applied online for the registration of a company deed, the deed started in 2017, I register in 2017, but when paying online, it indicates the penalty 4000 / – Can someone tell me why the penalty 4000 / – is charged? Q.37: – If the company deed is silent, which of the following statements is NOT correct: 8. In the case of an unregistered company, the partners may bring a legal action for: (a) dissolution of the company (b) Accounts of the dissolved company (c) Realization of ownership of the dissolved company (d) All the above issues Q.28: – Under what conditions can a person be considered a partner by estoppel or by holding: 5. The right of a third party to sue the unregistered company or its members. 4. Any claim or set-off where the claim does not exceed hundreds of rupees. Q.38: – A transfer of his participation in the company, either in absolute terms or by mortgage, by a partner or by the creation of a change in this participation, entitles the purchaser during the continuation of the company Q.15: – If there is a change in the statutes of the company, what would be the statue of the continuous guarantee given to the company Q.31: A counterpart is essential for each contract. The partnership is also a legally enforceable agreement, so it is also a contract to sue the business profitably. If a consideration essential to the conclusion of a contract is essential to the establishment of the partnership 6. If a partner retires after the registration of a company, such an amendment to the articles of the company requires: (a) the sending of a notice to the registrar. (b) Re-registration. (c) An affidavit from a managing partner regarding the change.

(d) No clues. If there is no company registration, the claim greater than Rs100 cannot be compensated by a third party, so there is no remedy for the party in this regard. Such a right may be exercised only by the registered company. Registration in a company is not a necessity, although it is limited to certain restrictions. Registration of a partnership is not mandatory. Therefore, an unregistered business is not an illegal association. However, an unregistered company suffers from certain handicaps, which is why registration is required to do business. Registration formalities (§§ 58-59): Here are the formalities that must be completed for the registration of the company. The company registration can be classified in the following 3 steps. It should be in a prescribed form, there should be prescribed documents and it should be filed with the prescribed fee. CONSEQUENCES OF NON-REGISTRATION (§ 69) An unregistered law firm and its partners suffer from certain disabilities, lawsuits between partners and law firm [§ 69 para. 1)] A partner in an unregistered law firm may not bring a legal action (against the law firm or one of its partners) to assert a right under a contract or a right conferred by the Partnership Act.

Q.29: – M/s XYZ is a partnership company and X, Y and Z are the partners. During the business trip, partner X received a sum of Rs. 15000 in cash from the company`s debtor and a loan to his personal bank account. The act of X is as follows: 1. The right of a shareholder to bring an action for dissolution of the company or on behalf of a dissolved company or to assert a right or power to exploit the property of a dissolved company. 3. The rights of the company or its partners who do not have a registered office in India. Q.25:- If a partner has in any way transferred his entire stake in the company to a third party or has allowed his share to be invoiced in accordance with the provisions of Rule 49 of Ordinance XXI of the First Annex to the Code of Civil Procedure, 190, or if he has allowed him to participate in the recovery of arrears of property income or royalties, which can be perceived as arrears of the basic income due, is sold by the partner. Sir, my company is registered under gst, pan, tan and also had the registrar`s registration a few years ago, after which we changed our partnership act but did not inform the registrar. Can we take legal action for recovery without verification? An injured partner of an unregistered law firm cannot bring an action against each other because he or she is unable to file a claim with the court or has the power to assert a right. The court held that an unregistered company may file an application for eviction because it is not an application of the law in an agreement that is not allowed to an unregistered company, but a statutory right and therefore section 69 of the Indian Partnership Act does not apply in this case. An unregistered law firm cannot sue a third party in court, it cannot sue a party, or a party cannot sue if it is registered with the Registrar.

No action may be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction in India. The application must be signed and examined by each partner and then submitted to the Registrar of Firms in the territory in which the head office of the corporation is situated or which must be situated. The registration fee will also be deposited at the same time as the registration. .

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